Benefits of Hosting with Siteframe

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Benefits of Hosting with Siteframe

Siteframe is just a lightweight CMS (Content Management System) that is especially designed for the speedy deployment of various community based Websites. With the help of Siteframe a group of users will be able to share their own photographs, stories, send e-mail, participate in various activities and also can conduct various activities for the users. All these are enabled by this Siteframe Hosting is by providing content managements that are entirely based on the web so that anyone can create their own content even without learning the HTML.


If you have written any content on the Siteframe Hosting, Siteframe will automatically take care of appropriate image sizing and creates thumbnails as well.

The administrator of the website will be able to determine the types and kinds of content that will be very well supported for better functioning.

Using the simple macros that are available in the Siteframe Hosting, carious types of contents will able to or can be linked-up to one-another user.


This Siteframe Hosting will encourage and also looks into the growth of any kind of online-communities. This growth will be encouraged by allowing the community members to upload their content and also will allow editing their contents as well. These contents may include files, links, articles and even pictures.

These online-community members can also optionally rate and comment the content and also can communicate with other members through e-mail as well.

In this Siteframe Hosting, all the members of the online community can be in touch with all the regular newsletters that are generated by the Website automatically. This is one of the biggest benefits of using the Siteframe Hosting.


Hosting with Siteframe Hosting, you will be able to design the entire appearance of your websites and it is done by just separating the entire content from the presentation. Using any type of HTML editor, pages can be designed in the way that will be suitable for you and you can even replace your content with the set of simple replacements as well.

You have the provisions to change the entire appearance of any page in your website or the messages that are generated by the Siteframe by just simply editing the templates that are appropriate.


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