Battle of Micro browsers – Mobile Web-Browsers for Internet Surfing

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Battle of Micro browsers – Mobile Web-Browsers for Internet Surfing

The huge demand of web browsers in the market is mainly due to the burst of mobile internet surfing among the population. Micro-browsers are to be credited for the rise in demand of mobile internet surfing. Micro-browsers are programs that allow its users to access the internet anywhere, anytime till the mobile device accessing the web has proper network coverage.Most of these micro-browsers like Opera Mini, Skyfire, etc. display the full web page on the mobile screen by parsing the web page on a server rendering the page and sends back the search results to the mobile device.There are many mobile browsers available which are preferred based on the features offered by mobile web browsers. The compatibility with the OS also determines the choice of browsers.Hence they greatly differ when it comes to operating systems support and features.

There are several mobile/wap browsers available and can be downloaded for free. Here are few most popular of them listed below:

Opera Mini from Opera Software ASA

This is the most widely used web browser in the world

Features: Multiple tabs, Fast browsing, compressed downloads, zoom-in, speed dial

OS: Java

Safari from Apple  Inc

Features: primarily used on iPhones and iPads, displays full web pages not only the scaled-down versions, user-friendly

OS: iPhone

TeaShark from Teashark

Features: displays web page just like desktop, multiple tabs, full web browsing on your mobile device, great usability, superb performance, 2-level zoom-in, bookmark management with colour tagging.

OS: Java

UZard Web  from Logicplant Co. Ltd

Features: cross-platform web browser, displays websites instead of mobile versions, easily customizable, doesn’t require high processing powers, fast browsing

 Mozilla Firefox from Mozilla

Features: full screen view, zoom-in, tabbed browsing, super speed, advanced security options, customizable, provides mobile add-ons,

OS: Android, Windows Mobile

Mobile IE from Microsoft

Features: runs on both Windows Mobile and CE platforms

OS: Windows Mobile

Maxthon Mobile Browser from Maxthon International Ltd

Features: RSS feeds widget to add and edit RSS feeds on your mobile, Maxthon Downloader to download pictures, musicand files, Super Gesture feature allows to create, close, switch between tabs without clicking

OS: Android

SkyFire from Skyfire

Features: displays websites with Flash or widgets like Youtube, customized zoom-in

OS: Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian

Mobile web browsers are easily accessible from your mobile devices and smartphones and can be used for almost all purposes including surfing, checking mails, downloading, etc. Most of the sites are completely accessible through the mobile internet; however in few web browsers the sites are scaled down when accessed from mobile device to optimize the mobile device.The best web browsers can display the full web pages, and even offering page zoom option and key shortcuts.Nevertheless, mobile internet usage is in huge swing mainly due to the convenience of accessing the web from any place with active signal.

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