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Ever heard of the phrase: biting off more than you can chew? Well it’s a very natural habit of people to think that they are some sort of superhuman beings that can do just about anything in little time. This certainly applies to people who are thinking about starting their own website with daily content.

Oh wow, daily content, really? So how are you going to do that, just by yourself? “Yes, it’s no biggie, just one article a day, how much work can that be?” At first, these people seem to be right, and they manage to come up with one article a day. But then it gets really old really fast. When the newness wears off, things that started out as fun, become work really quickly. And when that work doesn’t pay, because you started it for fun, one article a day can suddenly be a huge task, which ultimately results in a website that has one year old content.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t build a website if you like to inform people about a certain topic, but you should think about if it’s really necessary for you to create all that content. You’ve probably heard of RSS, the system that helps people spread their content easily. We’ve also told you a lot about Joomla. But did you know that you can combine the two? At you can download a component called feed2post. Its not free, you’ll have to pay 25 buckaroos for it, but trust me, it’s totally, utterly worth it.

You install it the Joomla Administrator area, and simply define what RSS feed you want to use (if you want to find nice ones check out to search for cool feeds.) You enter those feeds into the Feed2Post component, decide what feed needs to go in what category, and you’re done. Your website will be filled with other people’s content (don’t forget to link to them, you don’t want to steal and end up next to O.J. in prison.) and if you feel like it, you can add your own. It’s easy, and it keeps your website from becoming the stressful thing you call your job (you have your real job for that).

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