Application Testing – A Crucial Process In Application Development Cycle

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Application Testing – A Crucial Process In Application Development Cycle

Application Development Cycle is the systematic process followed for a software Development. For e.g.: Some companies follow a standard software development process like Agile Software Development Model or SDLC (System Development Life Cycle).

Application Testing – A Crucial Process In Application Development Cycle

The Application development process roughly follows the following structure:


Laying out the ideas and blueprint of the software so as to make it clear what the software should be capable of doing.


In this process the actual program coding is done according to the planned software structure.

Software Testing

Testing the software is required to check if any kinds of bugs are present.


The design and code of the application are documented for future reference, maintenance, enhancement and product upgrading or development.


It involves installation, customization and extended product testing and evaluation.


Continuously checking and enhancing the application to cope up with new faults or bugs and any missing requirements.

Importance of Testing the Application

Of all these, Product Testing are a very important and integral step in the Application or Software Development Cycle. The testing of application might consume much more time and manpower than the product development itself! Testing phase indicates the end of development process of the application so as to establish all the criteria for acceptance of project and establishment of warranty phase.

Testing is the process of making some objective judgments on the extent to which the software meets, exceeds or fails in meeting the stated objectives for the software.

Purpose of Testing

There are some fundamental purposes for testing an application

Verifying the procurement specifications

Verifying or comparing what the software was specified to do and what the developed software actually does. It is required for verifying whether the application meets the requirements reflected in procurement specifications like product function, design, performance and implementation.

Managing Risk

Risk management is necessary for both the application developer or vendor and the acquiring agency. Testing identifies the completion of the software so that the contract can be ended. Then the payment and delivery to the agency is done for shifting it to maintenance and warranty phase.

To improve quality

Presence of bugs or errors in the application can cause severe faults, losses and disasters. So the quality and reliability of the application is very important. Debugging program finds out the bugs to make the software efficient and better in quality.

Verification and Validation

Verifying whether the software works under certain conditions or not.

Quality testing can’t be done directly but can be tested taking into consideration the related factors i.e. functionality, adaptability and engineering. These factors can be further broken down into its components for consideration at lower levels.

Application Testing – A Crucial Process In Application Development Cycle


Testing an application is thus very instrumental in deciding the quality of the product. It is much more than just debugging. It is required for locating defects and correcting them as well as for verification, validation, quality improvement and risk management. Although testing process can be expensive due to the complexity of coding in the software so testing at some point of time needs to stop so that the product can be shipped.


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