AJAX in GOOGLE – a GLAMOROUS approach to Web Application

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AJAX in GOOGLE – a Glamorous approach to Web Application

With the introduction of google as a search engine, the world of networking underwent a revolution towards quick and dependable net browsing throughout the world. Today people depend on google search engine completely for any kind of information they want from the net. The role of AJAX in google have been very significant in the last few years as AJAX programming helped to bring bright changes  towards faster googling. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX was created as a technique for creating interactive and effective web application. Unlike typical web pages, which load it completely before content becomes different, AJAX updates the web pages simultaneously, by downloading small quantity of data from the server behind the scene. AJAX basically uses CSS, JavaScript and XML for its complete working. The popularity of AJAX increased since Google started using AJAX in Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

AJAX in Google- a Glamorous approach to Web Application

The application of AJAX in google is numerous including

Google Groups, Google Maps and Google Suggest. AJAX allows google to put on innovative and programmatic means of web searching. The google AJAX API’s including Search, Feeds, Languages and libraries.

AJAX Search application

It puts up Google search in one’s web page along with JavaScript as its base. A simple but dynamic search box can be embedded and search results appear on your web page.

AJAX in GOOGLE - a GLAMOROUS approach to Web Application

AJAX Feeds application

AJAX application along with JavaScript can be used to download public Atom, RSS or media RSS feed. This helps in mashing of feeds with the content and other APIs like- Google Maps. It has made mashing up easy by using JavaScript for mash up, rather than using complex server proxies.

Google Map API

The wide arrays of APIs in google maps helps in firmly fixing robust functionality and everyday usage of google maps. It also allows in embedding one’s own data on top of the google maps.

AJAX in GOOGLE - a GLAMOROUS approach to Web Application

AJAX language API

In order to translate or detect the language of words in a text AJAX language API can be used. AJAX uses JavaScript for encrypting words. There is also the facility of transliteration in the text area of the web page. In the absence of offline translations, this AJAX language API proves to be the most reliable and easy to use to translate and detect language.

AJAX in Gmail

An open source function for Gmail has been written using .NET framework and on top there is the API providing basic remote Gmail application. All the connections and programming related to gmailing is AJAX based.

AJAX in GOOGLE - a GLAMOROUS approach to Web Application

AJAX libraries API

The AJAX library is a network of content distribution and architecture for the most famous, open-source JavaScript libraries. GOOGLE API loader’s google.load () increases the application’s speed and also provides the opportunity of access to a growing list of libraries.

Google suggest, google maps are the truest example of the new approach to web application using AJAX. For instant application of everything, without waiting for the page to reload, has been possible only with AJAX in google. In short, AJAX has made google quite “Glamorous” search engine.

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