Advantages of Website Mambo Hosting

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Advantages of Website Mambo Hosting

The ease of managing the Mambo is just like the top of iceberg. Apart from just installing the templates and additional modules easily, you can even manage the users and layout as well. You will be able to include even the news feeds in the pages as well. There are really a lot of things where you can spice up your website with Mambo Hosting

Apart from editing the content, you can illustrate the content using different types of media. Basically all together, Mambo has the capability to handle all the graphic file formats which are common and also you can include the flash animations with sounds as well. Further of all these, there is a file library that lets you to store and manager all your files online and all these are not just limited to multimedia but also for all the document formats. You need not convert the file formats, the contents can be directly imported to editor.

Once if have added the content, Mambo will allow you to publish the content in just a single click. The content you have loaded can be made public or you can restrict the access to others, you change the Meta info and you can schedule the content to be published later. If at all you want to publish, you can publish it on the front page itself or else not and you can make it appear in some of the different categories than just the default one or you can even include it in newsflash articles as well.

One of the best thing about all the things told above is you do not require any manual link amongst all the pages. All this is done by Mambo for you and will thus save you huge amount of time to each and every webmaster. The other feature where Mambo saves your time is in the template changer. This template is not only pretty simple to use, but it alters the entire design of all the pages at one go automatically and this is how the design of your website is kept consistent.

Apart from all the above mentioned, here in Mambo you will be able to systematically customize the links and menus, you can change the formats, hide and show the contents you want to, you can restrict the visitors who can use those contents etc. you can even create the user polls with entirely different one on each and every page. The articles that you have put up have the printer friendly versions and there is also a provision of mailing the articles to the friend.

Security will be implemented site wide rather then only in the administrator area, there are many language modules that are available and your Mambo Website is one of the better ways to establish your presence on the Web. You can even do business with Mambo. In Mambo, there are e-shopping options and it is very simple and easy to integrate and there is even a client manager and in-built banner where it allows you to take the advantage from advertising on your own Website.

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