Advantages of using Fantastico for web hosting

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Advantages of using Fantastico for web hosting

Fantastic is a program which has been included in several web hosting plans. It is often used in conjunction with cPanel, which is an online control panel. Fantastico offers the advantage of installing common scripts to programmers and web developers. Basically, Fantastico hosting is a module which is enclosed in several web hosting plans, while cPanel is integrated into these plans in the form of a carry out panel. This forms a platform for the web hosting plans to implement scripts and programs.

Ability to implement scripts and programs

Fantastico has considerably simplified the entire process of web hosting, with the introduction of the ability to install common scripts and programs. Even the installation process is relatively simple and does not require any extensive and detailed knowledge of such scripts and programs. A single click is sometimes more than sufficient to install and implement what usually may appear to be a relatively complicated script. The user of the web hosting plan can utilize different open source scripts or assorted programs with the help of Fantastico.

Advantages of using Fantastico for web hosting

Quick fix solution for web hosting plans

Fantastico offers a swift and unbelievably simple solution for developers who want their sites to be operational at a short notice. This is because of the relatively simple implementation without the requirement of extensive knowledge of any other platforms or languages. The popularity of Fantastico is growing more than ever, and because of its great features and benefits. One would be that it is regularly updated so that users are assured that they would be able to get hold of the most recent patches and upgrades for software. Users could have a peace of mind, as they are assured that all of their scripts are consistently updated with all the functionality enhancements and security updates available.

Advantages of using Fantastico for web hosting

Ideal for beginners and novices

Even though Fantastico is limited by the fact that it can only support a web hosting skeleton developed using php or Linux, it offers several static, pre-built templates in the Templates Express, which can be efficiently utilized to develop new websites from scratch. This is particularly beneficial to beginners in the field of web designing, who can now expect a hassle-free web developing experience, thanks to Fantastico’s sleek and simple structure. And it’s not only beginners who can benefit from this, even seasoned web developers will find it extremely convenient to develop fully functional websites with required facilities and features such as polls, calendars, links, IP logging, cookie support, blogs and several other features.

Other advantages

Fantastico’s increasing popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is extremely easy to maintain the web site after developing it. The underlying platform remains constant, and the other add-ons can be changed according to the convenience of the developer to give the required feel and functionality to the website. Similarly, the programs and scripts which are installed and implemented can be easily updated, usually using online resources, thus keeping the website up-to-date.

Advantages of using Fantastico for web hosting

In a nutshell, Fantastico offers an effortless and manageable platform to develop different web hosting plans for web designers and developers. Apart from this, it also offers different facilities to efficiently manage and operate the website, due to which the entire process of web hosting becomes extremely convenient.

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