Advantages of dedicated hosting

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Advantages of dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting or having a server for the sole purpose of maintaining one website is a practice that is getting more popular with the passing day. One can also opt for a terminal that doubles as the required server. However, there are some inherent weaknesses attached to that system. By having a dedicated server just for their website, hosting clients can avoid many of the potential disadvantages of shared hosting services. Let us look at some of the benefits of using dedicated hosting services:

1. Secure and reliable

Dedicated web hosting is always more secure and reliable. It provides a greater measure of stability since the server is not involved in processing any other application.

2. Customization

Dedicated hosting enables a client to customize web settings and web hosting experience which is usually not possible in case of shared server.

3. Optimized performance

Another important benefit is the performance associated with a dedicated server.  The customisations available, the faster responses, the lesser turnaround times, better throughput times altogether provide a much enhanced web experience. The server is not burdened with extra traffic, running processes, executing programs or hosting more than one website. The website owner need not be concerned with slow loading rates or excessive downtime.

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