Advantages of Cpanel File Manager

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Advantages of Cpanel File Manager

Cpanel comes with numerous integrated tools and among all the tools; Cpanel File Manager is the most useful. The Cpanel File Manager allows you to manage all of your files on the servers through HTTP rather using the third party FTP clients like FileZilla. The File manager lets you to create/edit/delete the files, helps to create the folders and much more.
-Creating the Folder
In order to get start locate the “File Manager” icon click in the “File” section of the Cpanel. One you are inside, at the top of the screen you will find the managing options along with the folders and directories on the left side. All the website files are located in the File Manager so therefore creating of the folders will allow for the better organization and structure. This process will simplify the maintenance process.  Just click on the New Folder link to create a new folder. After creating the folder, name the folder and save it in the desired location. In order to finish up the process, just clock on the Create New Folder and the new folder will be listed in the location that is specified.
-Uploading the Files
To upload the new files, from the navigation pane on the left side, choose the folder where you wan to upload all the files. Click on the Upload icon in the folder. In the window you get, click on the Browse button and just locate the files that you want upload from the storage media or hard drive. Just double-click on the file desired and automatically the upload process will start. By clicking on the “Add another Upload Box”, you will be able to upload multiple files. Just do the same to upload any file.
Using the Download option, you will be able to download the files that you have uploaded to the server.
-Creating the New Files
Creating the new files via the File Manager is pretty simple and possibly the easier method than that of creating them on the PC. To start up, just click on “New File” link. Enter the name for the file and ensure that appropriate extension is put into the file. If you create the PHP file, the file’s extension should be .php. Save the file in the destination you will want to. Finally, click on the Create New File and then the file will be created.
-Edit Files
If you want to edit the files, there is edit feature inside the File Manager. This will be pretty useful for some small changes. Find the folder you want to edit and click on it. On the top of the screen, click on the Edit link. After clicking the edit option, a new window will be displayed and there you can edit the text according to your specific needs. After altering click on the Save Changes button. The changes will take place automatically.
The other features of File Manger are:
There are some advanced editors such as compression and extract tools, HTML and Code Editor, and will also let you to change the permissions for your files as well.
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