Advantages of Ajax Hosting

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Advantages of Ajax Hosting

Hi all,

As website users, we all want fast web pages. Generally, while submitting an online form, it takes a minute or two for the new page to load and the data to get stored in the database. How would it be if we could mark only a specific part of the web page that would reload and submit data to the server? If you are thinking on those lines, then we are talking about Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or more popularly known as AJAX.

AJAX hosting has made websites interact with users in a faster way. It is possible to connect and communicate with the server while the user is typing on his keyboard to enter certain details. For example, prompting hints for form fields work on the above principle. So, it is quite essential for web developers to have Ajax applications on their websites. This hosting of Ajax based applications on the server is technically known as Ajax hosting.

Positives on AJAX Hosting

1. Faster web pages – As already discussed, the main argument for Ajax applications is the speed with which the work is done. The whole page doesn’t need to communicate with the server, and thus only the specific part of the application is loaded. So, the static portion of the website can be kept intact without getting reloaded every time. This becomes a great advantage when the Internet connection is very slow.

2. Lesser bandwidth – Less the amount of data transferred from the server to the client machine and vice versa, lesser will be the amount. Only a specific part of the data communicates with the server and the database directly.

3. Supports real time applications – Prior to Ajax applications, some of the facilities that we have now would not have been possible. Maps are generally good examples of such real time applications. The user is in a continuous activity of entering details and all this while the details get to the server, and the response comes within seconds. This is really a great advantage for real time application developers.

4. Integration with scripting languages – To communicate with the server, we may also need scripting language too. Languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, etc support Ajax, making them Ajax applications too. Integrating Ajax with these languages is pretty easy, thus it is easy to migrate to Ajax based applications.

5. Promotes structured web pages – The design, content and the interactive parts are generally well defined and thus they can be treated separately while developing the website. However, the degree of association can be specified by the web developer himself, thus easing ways of internal communication between website components.

Ajax has revolutionized the world of Internet. Its faster, better, more efficient and opens up avenues for many new & innovative real-time applications. Ajax web Hosting is slowly becoming an indispensable part of the web hosting process.

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