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Computers are without a doubt the greatest invention that man ever came up with. Ever since the Garden of Eden, mankind has had the unique distinction of having the power to imagine things as he would like them to be, and then turn his imagination into reality. Indeed, there is a saying among us philosophers that today`s realities were yesterdays imaginations. True, all true, but there are always great responsibilities associated with the possession of great powers, and the power of thought is no exception. It did not take man long to realize that he would always be accountable for all events brought about by his thoughts, and since he didn’t like the idea very much, he decided that he would think up a machine that would do all the thinking for him, thus shifting responsibility to the machine, while he would get to enjoy the benefits accrued from it’s efforts. What a brilliant idea! It took centuries of mind boggling effort, but it was finally achieved. Man had succeeded in creating a machine that would, in essence, make decisions for him. He decided to name the amazing device the computer.
Computers are used all over the world for all manners of jobs. They have managed to infiltrate every workplace, every home, every waking minute of mankind. Hardly a minute passes by without their effect being felt. When we wake up in the morning, they are there, waiting for us, ready to do our bidding. They brew our coffee, they warm our breakfast, they run our cars. In the office we find them, and they help us our daily bread. After a long, hard, tiring day they are waiting for us in our homes, to heat up our food, to entertain us or even give us the latest updates of things happening in far off lands. They are basically running our lives, and every day they are getting better at it. They are getting smaller but smarter, faster but more reliable. Where will it all end? Computers are good, no doubt about that. They are really great when it comes to making some work easier, but is it possible that we are getting to a point whereby we rely too much on their abilities, and lose out on the chance to exploit our own natural potential? Is it possible that by letting computers make decisions for us, we actually risk losing the power to make decisions, the great ability that distinguishes man from beast. There is always that risk that we may turn out to be slaves to technology and not its master. There is always that risk that technology, for all its advances and all the good that it has done to man, may in the long run turn out to be the greatest single threat to his existence.
Computers bring about great possibilities, both for good and for evil. We cannot just distance ourselves from them, since we will lose out on all their benefits. However, we need to be able to control their overall effect in our lives, since, after all, they are our servants and we are the masters, right?

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