A look on the Semantic Web world – the thing of the future

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A look on the Semantic Web world – the thing of the future

These days internet has become so much important part and parcel of our life, that one cunt imagine this world without internet. Internet is one the most important invention that the world has ever seen, as it helps in connecting computers from every corner of the world. This Semantic Web is a collection of many interdisciplinary projects, started by the brilliant masterminds in computer science, the main purpose of which is to revolutionize the World Wide Web that is Internet. Though scientists from all over the world are working on this project but the main focus and attention on this cumulative project is given by the scientists of United States, Europe and Asia. Because of this project, various advanced technologies, standard protocols and other important developments are coming at a rapid rate, thus changing the definition of Internet for the benefit of advanced generation, keeping in consideration their foremost requirement.
The foremost important objective of Semantic Web is to search for web resources and web sites not by using simple keywords and putting them of “Google Search Engine” as done today but by understanding the description and capabilities of the contents. Thus Semantic Web actually works on the concept of artificial intelligence, to understand the meaning of the keyword before searching.
Semantic Web Components:
Semantic Web has all the standard tools of RDF scheme, RDF, XML Schema, XML, and OWL. All these tools are well oriented in the “Semantic Web Stack”.
OWL describes the various tools of Semantic Web as follows:


This provides all the elementary syntax of the structure present within documents. But this does not associate any semantic meaning with the contents present within it.

XML Schema

This tool provides Semantic Web with all the structures and elements present within the XML documents and also help in restricting it.


This language tool is mainly meant for providing data model expression to Semantic Web with reference to the data resources and its relationship with other resources. Actually the RDF model is represented as XML syntax.

RDF Schema

This language actually extends the concept of RDF. This is actually a vocabulary which is used for defining the class RDF data resources and its properties and also helps the Semantic Web to generalize the hierarchical status of such classes and their properties.


This language helps in providing more vocabulary to describe the status of such classes and their properties like relation within classes, among others, cardinality, rich typing properties, equality, enumerated classes and nature of properties.


This is actually a query language like oracle and also a user defined protocol thus helping Semantic Web to manage the data resources properly.

A look on the Semantic Web world - the thing of the future

The main objective of Semantic Web is to describe the data and to associate a suitable meaning with it, involving a more complex XHTML code subdivided. It addition to this it supports the semantic functionality which introduces the concept of “dynamic networking model” to train the database with more appropriate vocabulary with changing need. Thus the future of today’s web world lies within the hands of the Semantic Web World.

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