5 Things You Didn’t Know About Php-Nuke

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Php-Nuke

Php-Nuke is a content management system. It is called ‘Hypertext preprocessor’ This computer application is used in the creation, the editing and management of electronic texts as well as digital media. In addition, it can be used in searches and the publishing of such texts and digital media. It was initially made with a design to increase dynamism and enhance more interaction when using the WebPages. There are five things that you did not know about Php-Nuke.

The first thing that you do not know about Php-Nuke is that it is a web portal system. Its inventor Francisco Burzi as describes it as “a story telling software, news system, online community or whatever you may want to call it.”The main aim of Php-Nuke is to have a website that is automated. This website is used in the distribution of news and articles with the systems of other users of the web. Each of the users can submit their comments for discussion of the articles.

The second thing you did not know about Php-Nuke is that it is software. Php-Nuke content management system is widely used. It integrates within it instruments used in the creation of information portals. This content management system has a great number of functions. With other external parties developing other modules, Php-Nuke has extended its functions to include the management of e-commerce systems, news agencies, intranet business, information sites, public agencies, online companies and many more.

The third thing you did not know about Php-Nuke is that it has some basic or main features. They include wed based administration, top page, user customizable box, surveys, moderation systems, an option to delete or edit stories, provision for the deletion of comments, themes manager for registered users, integrated banners ad system, sections manager and many more features. The amazing thing here is that all these features are user friendly.

The other thing you did not know about Php-Nuke is that Php-Nuke is written hundred percent in PHP. It needs Apache web server. It also requires PHP and MySQL. It is known to support twenty-five languages, search engine like yahoo, file manager, download manager and headlines. It also supports many themes, comment option in polls, ephemerids manager, advanced blocks system, categorized articles, reviews systems and Multilanguage content management.

The fifth thing you did not know about Php-Nuke is that it has communities. The true value of Php-Nuke is the large community of people all around it. It is mainly composed of third party people who do voluntary work in the creation of Php-Nuke in the various languages that Php-Nuke now boast of supporting. Because of these people and the sites they create, Php-Nuke is now a well-known portal system. Again, it is by their efforts that Php-Nuke has become a Multilanguage system supporting more than twenty-five languages. These communities develop graphical themes and give Php-Nuke technical support. They do file mirroring and form new ties with multilingual communities so that new meaningful projects are developed.

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