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You might not be the new Gucci or Versace, but that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of designing a website (by the way, I wonder if a website designed by Versace would even look nice). Although real skills can’t be taught, you can learn the tricks of the trade, so that you can come a long way when it comes to designing a website. Here are some sites that help you along the way.

Good Tutorials
This website is literally packed with great tutorials for a lot of different programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash etc. The sad thing is that they often link away from their website in stead of opening the other page in an iframe. So hold shift while clicking, so that you keep the website open.

Tutorial 9
A great website that really looks stunning and that has a logo I really love (how can you not love a cloud). The good thing is that they are clearly more than a link gathering website, they really write the tutorials themselves. Great if you want to learn how to make impressive designs.

This website does not create it’s own content, and is made up from content that’s gathered from other websites, but the great thing is that you don’t have to leave the website to view them all. They have a great index that will help you find exactly the effect that you want.

Photoshop Star
More of a blog than a website, but still a very good one, because it’s very clear this guy creates his own tutorials. They’re not all good, but most of them are, and from time to time he creates something brilliant. Very educational.

Adobe Marketplace
Not so much a website that teaches you stuff, but a website that lets you cheat. You can download tons of actions here that will generate an effect for you, so that you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. Especially great if you want to use the same effect for a lot of pictures.

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