5 best open source CMS systems

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There are a lot of open source content management systems out there that will really help you build a good website. The problem is that they all have different qualities, and if you don’t know what to choose, you might just make the wrong decision. Although it’s not like you’re spending a lot of money on the software, it’s open-source. You will spend a lot of time on it though and it would be a shame to discover that you have made a mistake when your site is almost done. Let me help you on the way.


Joomla is a CMS that you’ve heard me talk about a couple of times in these articles. Not because I’m a fan of Joomla (because I don’t like the idea of the whole world being run by one CMS, way too vulnerable), but because it’s so incredibly powerful and easy to use. There are a lot of good extensions, some cost money, some don’t. Joomla will surely make you a good website if you’re going to have a lot of content and you want to do more with it than just display it.


Mambo can be considered Joomla’s bigger brother. Well actually, maybe more of a father. A group of developers who didn’t like the way things were going at Mambo headquarters, left, and started their own CMS, called Joomla. Both are still being developed and are very much alike, however Joomla has a bigger user base.


This is another very powerful CMS that you’ve heard me talking about. It is very often mistaken with a simple blogging tool, because it’s also a blogging service. Yes, you can use it as a blogging platform, but it’s way more powerful, if you know how to configure it well. Lot’s of extensions, some free, some not.


Probably the most flexible and powerful open-source content management system there is. Nice, but the problem is that it’s also a lot harder to install and a lot harder to configure. If you know what you’re doing, it’s a very nice CMS. But if you need an open-source CMS because you have no programming skills, steer far from it.


A brilliant CMS if your focus is going to be on news delivery. It’s very easy to install, very easy to use, but not the easiest CMS to customize. If you’re happy with a nice template and standard functionality, go for this one, it will make you happy.

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