4 Solutions that are offered by Xoops

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4 Solutions that are offered by Xoops


It will be a daunting task when you will be out to select a Content Management system for the website and until and unless you aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages that are there in the software that are readily available in today’s market. When you select the Xoops, you can trust it full minded. The Xoops’ object-oriented design will help you to rise above all others. It is the object-oriented orientation that keeps off the hassle of programming. Customization of Xoops functions will become extremely hassle free for users and administrators just because the emphasis is given on Object Orientation.


The frame work for this system is designed with great deliberation and care. Pages of this system are allowed to access all the classes that are reusable in order to perform all the common actions.   


Here let’s see at the solutions that are offered by Xoops that are added to its object orientation character.


-Blocks: this solution will let you for the simple positioning of the interface of elements all around the screen.

-Groups: Xoops offers you solution with advanced user management system that will enable the administrator in order to categorize all the visitors into some specific groups. After this, some of the particular groups will be assigned or even denied the access to the system.  
Even access to the separate modules can be denied or granted to some of the particular group of users. While this will make the system very much efficient as you don’t need to consider the individual user separately while denying or granting the access to the system.
-Sections: this solution will deal with all the creation and also with sorting of all the kinds of articles in the separate appropriate section.

-Mail Users: there is another advantage for the group advantage. This Xoops system allows you to send messages to all of your members or users. This solution of sending message to all the users can be done by

Through the available messaging system or else through e-mail

The message alerts through the block that is visible on all the pages of the system

The similar kind of interface will allow you to get the messages from any of the-mail client.



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