3 Basic Steps to Speed Up your Computer

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Tired of having a slow computer? Are you planning on trashing your old computer just to buy a new one that can suit the taste of speed? Is your newly purchased computers are starting to wear off its speed? Well, before doing such things it would be wise if you conduct some basic steps in boosting up the speed of your computer. Otherwise, these simple steps will save you a lot of money just to purchase a new computer or hire a computer technician.

Before we begin the three simple steps, we need to answer this question first – Why is a computer slowing down?

Many of us are not aware of how computer operates. They are just like us who gets tired, and imagine what your body would feel when you have overly used all your strength? Our body gets heavy, and our mind is starting to process slow. This theory also goes with computers because as time goes by, users tend to install numerous applications such as games, softwares, video, and music files. Some of us even download different tools, or applications for their computer. It’s true that at first we can’t notice the stability, and speed of our computer, but sooner you will start to realize that the system of your computer is starting to slow its pace. Also, as we surf the internet, the browsers that we use stores temporary files into the computer.

Now to begin with the three easy steps:

First thing that you should always remember is to have an arsenal for your computer. Anti-virus are needed to be installed into your computer if you are always surfing the internet, downloading files, or using external storage devices. This Anti-Virus protects your computer from virus, spyware, trojans, and others. There are different types of anti-virus program such as ESET Nod 32, Kaspersky, AVG Anti-Virus, and each of them are not created equally.

Next is to clean up your disk. By doing that, you can improve the performance of your computer because it can free up sapce on your hard disk that are being idle in your computer system. Disk Clean Up tool can also identify files that you can safely delete. This files can be remove by the user just like the use of recycle bin, and it can temporary remove files from your browser. Some of this tools has extra features that can delete error reports.

To run the pre-installed disk clean up tool you must open My Computer, right click on the C drive, then go to properties. On the general tab click ‘Disk Cleanup’ to start the disk cleanup process.

For the final procedure, you must be fully aware of all the running programs in your computer. Check your task manager if there are any running applications, then find, and determine the programs. Some of these programs are not visible in your system because it might be a spyware, or virus. If you are familiar with the running applications, and if not in use, close them because they can slow down the system. Be sure not to close any running applications that you don’t recognize because it will greatly affect the stability of your computer.

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